How Wilout managed to divide its deployment time by 4

About Wilout

Created in 2016 in Cagnes-sur-Mer, Wilout is a young French company that designs and develops a range of solutions for event organizers, whatever the type: festivals, sports or cultural events, corporate shows…

In order to facilitate the management system of the organizers and to improve customer satisfaction, Wilout covers events at 360° by using several ranges of products that meets the needs of actors of the event market.

Wilout Online : online ticketing

Wilout On Site: ticketing onsite which allows the user to print tickets and sell them on site using a touchscreen tablet and printer

Wilout Control: back-office & application dedicated to access control

Wilout Pay: the cashless payment solution

Ensure successful deployment of solutions : a major challenge for Wilout

The main issue for Wilout is first and foremost customer satisfaction. This requires successful deployment of their solutions, whether in terms of access control, on-site printing or cashless payment. For that purpose, Wilout had to equip itself with lightweight mobile terminals with a good grip, easily deployed and equipped with a longlasting battery to support users throughout their operations in the field. The devices also had to meet the criteria of robustness, resistance to weather conditions and the hazards of events (rain, mud, heat & shock) 

To answer all these challenges, Wilout has chosen our range of rugged mobile terminals PX320 and the FX200 range

Professional Android devices adapted to specific needs

Wilout uses the PX320 terminal mainly to scan QR codes and barcodes on tickets at the entrance of festivals, or complexes hosting events. For this to happen, the company deploys its Wilout Control application from the Famoco MDM on to the PX320.This makes access control operation much more fluid.

The PX320 is also used for cashless transactions (contactless payment) on site thanks to its powerful NFC antenna.

The event industry is often faced with unforeseen events that can result in  technical incidents such as spilled liquid or uncertain weather conditions.

To cope with these situations, Famoco has designed the PX320 to withstand all tests. Certified IP68, it is waterproof and can be used even with gloves thanks to the glove touch protection. The waterproof certification was the main argument for Wilout, as well as a reading head rather than a camera that consumes more battery.Indeed, actors of the event industry often have to work long hours and need a terminal to support them throughout their activity.

Wilout has a fleet divided between PX320 and FX200 terminals. Dedicated for business applications, FX200 are used for contactless transactions as part of the deployment of their cashless solution. In this case, Wilout Pay application is deployed on the FX200 from the Famoco MDM.

Optimized management thanks to Famoco MDM

The Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform increases the responsiveness of Wilouts team to fight last-minute changes. The MDM means a quick and over the air deployment of Wilout Pay and Wilout control applications. Thanks to the MDM, Wilout is now well equipped to respond to last-minute requests: adding or removing terminals to a fleet, reassigning terminals that were not associated with the right event, changing fleets, etc.

By relying on Famoco for event management, Wilout was able to save considerable time and ultimately improve the efficiency of the Wilout experience.

Migration to a new solution for Wilout Onsite

In order to manage and print tickets for the onsite part, Wilout currently has tablets coupled with a Zebra thermal printer. Wilout is already considering another solution that is more ergonomic and adapted to field conditions.

In the continuity of a well-established partnership, Famoco’s future tablet is currently being tested by Wilout and will soon join the ranks of Wilout’s technical equipment.

To be continued !

A reliable, professional and trusted partner, Famoco has listened to our specific needs in terms of hardware. Its ecosystem and MDM have enabled us to manage our fleet in a simple, fast and efficient way. Wilout has been able to make the most of these assets to respond to its customers in terms of access control, on-site ticketing but mainly cashless terminals and thus rise to the top of the trusted providers in the ticketing and contactless payment market.

Sylvain Borgogno
Chief Technical Officer, Wilout



Posted on 10/12/2021

Author : Yasmine Fathya

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