A new mobile user interface for professionals

July 27, 2021


To offer you the best possible experience on your Famoco mobile devices, we have decided to completely revamp the user interface (UI). You will from now on find the comfort of your smartphones on business devices. 


To improve the UI of Famoco terminals, we have focused on three pillars:

  • Intelligent interface
  • Device customization
  • Settings & Information Accessibility



Out of the 300,000 Famoco terminals in the field, we have more than 80% that use between 1 and 4 business applications to perform their business tasks. We have taken a particular interest in developing an intelligent application grid. In addition to that, we offer improvements on the personalization and the dashboard of the devices.


Discover all the Famoco interface evolutions in this article!

A better experience


The homepage – Launcher – is the first window of Famoco devices. We have created an aesthetically pleasing interface that is adapted to professional use. You now have access to crucial information about your devices from the homepage and the interface intelligently adapts to the number of applications.

An updated interface

Your comfort with this new interface was one of our main objectives. To ensure that your teams are not disoriented while using Famoco mobile devices, we have chosen to keep the operating codes of a smartphone while reducing the scope of actions to use the terminal for professional tasks.


You can go from a list interface to a modern homepage, which meets modern design standards.



A better hierarchy of information

You now have access to a status bar at the top of the screen that displays information on time, battery level, and status of connectivity & geolocation.

If your device is device-controlled, users can click on the icons to access the settings directly.



A smart interface

Nearly 80% of Famoco terminals deployed in the field have between one and four applications installed. This number of applications varies, so we didn’t want to develop a fixed interface. The new Famoco UI intelligently adapts its appearance to the applications you use: 

  • Between one and four apps, the icons are displayed large on the home page
  • The app grid switches to three columns from five installed apps to display small icons aligned (like on your smartphones ? ). In this composition, you can scroll the screen as much as you want.


Mobile devices personalization

Don’t get mixed up in your fleets anymore, you can create personal IDs directly from your Famoco terminals with the Custom ID. This ID can be modified at any time from your devices (if device enabled in the MDM profile) or from the MDM (if MDM enabled in the MDM profile). The Custom ID is displayed in the header of the home page. Thanks to the Custom ID, you can more easily assign and recognize the terminals of each member of your team and not mix them up.


A completely redesigned dashboard

The Dashboard has been completely revamped to make it easier to use and access your endpoint settings. The dashboard is separated into three parts: Dashboard, Sync, and Settings. To access the dashboard, simply long click on the round home button.

Note: For the PX400 you have to double-tap on the Home button to access the dashboard.



  • Device identification: You can click on the Famoco ID to access your device’s QR code and OCR IDs.
  • Connectivity: Get an overview of the different connectivity statuses of your device (Network connection, Internet access, and MDM



  • Synchronization: You have access to a history of the last 30 synchronizations made between the device and the MDM and to other information such as the Sync Interval or an estimated date and time of the next synchronization
  • Sync logs: This page offers you a detailed list of the last 30 synchronizations of your terminal (date, time, sync successful or not). The “Sync log” window will show you the different steps of a synchronization. In case of a problem or error, this information can help you to know the origin of the problem thanks to the detailed view with each step.
  • Ongoing: You can see in real-time the progress and status of each step of synchronization in progress



This part allows you to access more easily to the terminal settings 

  • MDM information
  • Device information
  • Connectivity
  • Date & hour
  • Display & sound
  • Application


If you have any questions about the new interface, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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