Famoco MDM – Introducing a new feature : Smart Selection

March 28th, 2019.


The Famoco MDM team is always working on new features to improve the experience of our customers. The team is always seeking to make our customer’s activity smooth and as simple as possible to efficiently manage their fleet of devices.


Before, from the Devices section of the MDM, the user had two options of devices selection:

  • Select all the devices from the page
  • Select devices individually


Old UI of devices section in Famoco MDM

Figure 1 – Old UI of Devices section in Famoco MDM

What’s new?


Since March 27th, 2019, we offer better ways to select and deselect devices from the section by displaying more options such as:

  • Deselect all devices
  • Select all devices from all pages
  • Select from CSV file


Enhanced User Interface


Plus, from our customer’s feedback, we improve the user interface slightly by switching the tick color from grey to green and lighten the grey overlay of select lines.


You’re a Famoco MDM user and you would like to share feedback with us? Contact us.


Figure 2 – New UI of Devices section in Famoco MDM


Drop-down list for selection


A new drop-down list appears in the top left corner of the devices table and displays three different choices: unselect devices, select all devices and select from a CSV file.


New dropdown list from devices section in Famoco MDM

Figure 3 – New drop-down list from Devices section

Select From File


Customers with a large amount of Famoco devices keep an excel file including a list all their devices ID and categorize them internally. For example, a worldwide retail corporation owned thousands of Famoco devices in many countries and would like to deploy a single payment acceptance App on devices in a specific region of one of those countries. They would initially categorize them by countries and regions in an excel table internally.


This is why we introduce a smart selection with the option “From file” by clicking on the down arrow on the top left corner of the table. The user will easily pre-select the devices from a semicolon separated CSV file and will only need to drag & drop this file into the MDM. Then, all the devices from the CSV file will be selected, and the customer will be able to add this range of devices into a fleet easily.


Figure 4 – Select from CSV file 

Figure 5 – Simple drag & drop


To continue the previous example, the admin of the MDM will upload the file, and add the range of devices in the regional fleet, currently attached to a profile with the specific payment application.


Selection of corporate devices in the Famoco MDM with the smart selection feature

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