Identity verification and onboarding are traditionally based on paper processes. They aren’t secure enough and can lead to identity fraud through data counterfeiting or disclosure.

In the US in 2016, the cost of identity theft for banks and corporations reached the incredible sum of US$56 billion. And, the estimated amount of money laundered globally each year is between $800 billion and $2 trillion. Confronted by these issues, governments are issuing legal constraints in an effort to minimize security breaches created by digital processes.


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A straightforward solution that captures, verifies and monitors customer identity on the go

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Business-ready Android mobile devices to meet Enterprise security needs and flexibility for applications developments.

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Custom Android OS made for business for enhanced data protection. It secures devices and connects it to the Mobile Device Management.

Mobile Device Management

Remotely manage your devices, access to a private app store, lock your devices in kiosk mode, distribute your apps & more.

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Access Control

Current solutions are either paper-based (costly and time-consuming to process), or reliant on smartphones or tablets. A retailer registering customers for new services scans their ID document with a smartphone or tablet that stores the data. This creates problems related to device theft or damage, and it’s easy for the retailer to retrieve locally stored data, which causes obvious security issues. It also goes against the GDPR regulation being launch all over Europe.

This represents a huge safety issue, as anyone can sign up for new services with a fake identity and perform malicious actions without being identifiable afterwards. There is a need for a system that automatically validates an ID’s authenticity and prevents its disclosure. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Banks are leading the way in digitizing these processes and they need integrated compliance solutions.

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