Our compact biometric device


Biometrics at your fingertips to simplify and scale your operations

The FP200, our most cost-effective biometric device, incorporates cutting-edge transactional biometric technologies in a compact, lightweight, and agile device. Offering uncompromised mobility, it simplifies the management of your field operations, such as customer registration or identification. The FP200 also enables support for various contactless banking transactions, including bank cards, QR codes, and mobile wallets, all with enhanced security provided by the secure Famoco operating system.

FP201 & FP202

Technical Specifications

Secure Android OS

Famoco OS based on Android 10 (AOSP)

Biometric sensor

IDEMIA optical sensor


ISO14443 A/B, Felica®, Mifare®

8MP camera

8MP rear camera with autofocus & flash, 5MP front camera



Long lasting battery

4000mAh battery

removable & replaceable battery


Dual Band (2.4 GHz & 5GHz)

3G icon


2G, 3G and 4G

Dual SIM

2 Micro SIM (3FF)

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Download the product sheet

The essential KYC tool




With the fingerprint identification of customers, the FP200 enables bank agents to securely open and manage all bank accounts.



The FP200 is used to register the identity of customers when purchasing SIM cards in retail stores, allowing for the referencing of beneficiaries.

Easily accept all banking transactions.





Validate customer payments through fingerprint verification.


Contactless cards

Validate contactless card payments.


QR code

Validate QR code payments.


Mobile Money

Validate mobile wallet payments.



High-performance biometrics capabilities


The FP200 features an advanced optical biometric sensor that enables quick authentication in less than a second. Its IDEMIA CBM-E3 fingerprint sensor is FBI-certified with PIV IQS certification. It is capable of detecting fake fingers, thus preventing fraud attempts during the identification process and enhancing the security of KYC and AML procedures.


Powered by

Matching Speed

less than 1 sec


PIV IQS certification

Fake Finger Detection

Avoid counterfeit fingerprints



Ease of use with a compact and lightweight enclosure.


The biometric module of the FP200 is fully integrated into the enclosure, resulting in a compact design that is smaller than the FP201 and FP202. This makes the device lighter and easier to handle all the while maintaining and enhancing the previous functionalities.

All the expertise of NFC in a professional device


The FP200 accepts NFC transactions thanks to its NXP ISO14443 A/B chip, ensuring secure transactions for passport reading, transportation tickets, access control and cashless payments. You can easily and conveniently perform your transactions with Felica®, Mifare®, and Mifare Ultralight/1k/4k.

Unleash limitless productivity with a long-lasting battery.


With its removable and replaceable 4000mAh battery, the FP200 provides extended battery life, allowing uninterrupted field operations for an extended period.

Unmatched photo quality.


The FP200 is equipped with a 8-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera, enabling the capture of high-quality images during field operations, even in extreme conditions. The rear camera enhances the process of biometric authentication and identification.


Caméra arrière

8M pixel

Caméra avant

5M pixel

Famoco OS

The importance of data privacy & data sovereignity

The FP200 operates on Famoco OS, our proprietary private Android operating system, which helps businesses securely utilize their enterprise solutions.

As a result, the FP200 is not connected to the Play Store and blocks any tiers application downloads unless if you are going through the Famoco MDM platform. Only the essential applications that you add and run are authorized, ensuring enhanced security.


Remote device management.

Manage all your FP200 devices remotely using your customized MDM platform. Configurations and updates are automatically applied to your entire fleet of Famoco devices upon power-on, along with the addition of your applications. You get to chose how you want to operate and with what app you want to operate.

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