FX205 SE, the best companion for workers on the move


The FX205SE is the new generation of Famoco mobile devices with the latest mobile design for professionals. It is the perfect tool to digitize your field operations such as access control, order-taking and attendance tracking. 


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A terminal suited to your needs



Operational productivity

Improve your operational efficiency with a single device for order and inventory management, loyalty programs and other services.


Customer registration

Relieve your checkouts and enroll customers to your loyalty programs directly on the shelves. Take their information and signature from a single device.

Access control

The FX205 SE is integrated with an NFC module. You will be able to control access to the entrance of an event, a museum or a company building without being burdened.



Accept QR code and closed loop payments from a single device with Famoco Pay.

A multi-purpose camera: more accurate, more effective


A better camera experience thanks to the 8 million pixels Samsung Senor rear camera. Capture better photos for multiple purposes: scan IDs and barcodes. The possibilities are endless!

✔️ Report incidents or make an activity report with sharper pictures

✔️ Scan the barcode of a customer’s loyalty card

✔️ Scan your products during your stock inventories 

✔️ Scan IDs or faces during the customer registration process 

The low power consumption of the camera provides a long-lasting experience in the field.


Scan, check, confirm


The FX205 SE is equipped with a powerful NFC antenna that is useful in various situations:

? Accept any closed loop payment scheme during an event

? Track the attendance of employees and visitors in your corporate buildings or venture

✔️ Scan membership or vouchers cards  in your shops, stadiums or cultural sites


Batterie amovible et longue durée terminal professionnel

A removable and long-lasting battery

With a capacity of 4000mAh, the battery of the FX205SE will stay by your side all the way throughout your operations and without interruption ! In case of a problem, all you need to do is :

? Change your battery
♻️ Recycle the damaged one


Equipped with dual-band WIFI and 4G, the FX205SE will be your best partner to stay connected all day long wherever you are! 


Android 10: the latest version


FX205 SE is based on Famoco OS, the Android designed to protect businesses’ privacy. Famoco OS is based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and does not integrate any pre-installed application at launch to avoid data leakage threats for your business. Famoco designs the hardware and the software to control the entire value chain and give you the best experience for professional field operations.

This latest version better supports security updates and helps improve the Camera, NFC, and WI-FI functionality.


A mobile environment designed for professionals: simple & ergonomic


The FX205 SE mobile device is equipped with a 5-inch screen for pleasant use and optimal visual comfort.The FX205 SE’s interface was designed for business use, where users remain in a closed environment with only professional applications. There is no access to the Play Store, and the user will never be able to download applications from the device.


Manage your fleets remotely from a single platform

Once you receive your FX205 SEs arrive, they will be fully ready to use and linked to Famoco MDM. So you can entirely focus on their deployment in the field.

Famoco MDM will allow you to :

? Create fleets and profiles to control your devices remotely

? Install applications or launch updates on your mobile device fleets in just a few clicks.


Extend the lifetime of your professional device

Repairability is an important issue in the conception of Famoco mobile devices. Special attention is paid to the composition of our devices in order to guarantee a long-lasting use.

Always by your sidesupport famoco

We assist you in your mobile deployments. Our amazing support team is here to help you during business days and an online documentation is at your disposal to guide you.

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